Is there a problem with the Planet Rock signal?

Use a coverage checker to see if you should receive the station. There are also some troubleshooting steps you can take.

Why does LBC News not work on my radio?

Your radio may not be able to tune into the DAB+ version of LBC News.

I’m unable to re-tune to Talk Radio +

talkRADIO recently announced that they would switch to DAB+. Your radio may not be compatible with DAB+ or the signal may not be strong enough.

Can a VW car radio be upgraded to receive DAB+ stations?

A Volkswagen specialist or dealer may be able to advise for your particular car, but there are a few other options.

I can’t receive Planet Rock and Absolute Classic Rock on a DAB tuner

These stations are available on Sky and DAB digital radio, but you may not be able to receive them on DAB in your area.

Why does only one of three radios pick up all DAB stations?

It is sometimes the case that different digital radios will pick up different radio stations.

Why does my DAB radio always say ‘tuning’?

There could be a problem with the DAB digital radio which is preventing it from tuning into digital stations.

When will DAB+ be accessible in Northern Ireland?

Radio stations broadcasting in DAB+ have been available in Northern Ireland since 2016.

Why can I only receive RTÉ radio stations on DAB in Ireland?

Currently only RTÉ broadcasts DAB radio stations nationally in Ireland, but this service could close soon.

What is the LBC DAB frequency in the Glasgow area?

Your radio should find LBC automatically when scanning for stations, but some radios have a manual tuning mode and you can select the frequency.