Why does a pocket radio pick up stations that my tuner does not?

When a DAB radio station has no sound, but is listed on a digital radio, it could indicate that the particular radio station is being broadcast in DAB+.

Do I need a new aerial for DAB+ stations?

Your existing DAB aerial will receive DAB+ as well as DAB radio stations.

How do ensembles and radio stations work in local areas?

We look at how multiplexes and ensembles work and how radios handle local multiple radio stations.

Do I have digital radio reception in Cornwall and what stations can I receive?

Coverage in Cornwall was improved in 2017. There is good coverage and a range of DAB stations are available.

Can I get BBC Local Radio stations on Freeview?

In June 2016 the BBC made its local radio stations available on Freeview across the UK.

Why do I lose DAB stations on car journeys?

This can be due to the way national and local digital radio stations are transmitted.

Should I buy a digital radio now?

The answer depends on your listening habits and whether you need a new radio. There’s currently no deadline to switch to DAB digital radio.

What DAB aerials are suitable for classic cars?

Classic car owners need not miss out on modern digital radio stations. Suitable aerials and radios are available.

Can I get UK and Irish stations online in other countries?

You normally can receive UK and Irish radio stations in other countries around the world.

Will my digital radios be made obsolete by DAB+?

There are currently no widespread plans to switch from DAB to DAB+. You may be able to update your older radio to receive DAB+.