My TV or Freeview box will not find Gold or Smooth Extra

Unfortunately it is not currently possible to receive Gold or Smooth Extra with a Freeview television or Freeview box.

How can I listen to Irish radio on the internet without WiFI?

You don’t need WiFi to listen to online radio. Tune in to Irish stations with home broadband or mobile data.

Are DAB stations in Oxford broadcast in mono?

Half of the local DAB services in Oxfordshire are broadcast in stereo – the other half are broadcast in mono.

How can I set the sleep function on a Bush Classic DAB radio?

The sleep feature on DAB digital radios enables them to be switched off after a set time, but your radio may revert to the standby mode.

How can I listen to Russian radio stations in the UK?

While there is a Russian-language station in the capital, online radio offers much more choice.

When will DAB be available in the Western Isles?

In parts of the Western Isles it should now be possible to receive DAB digital radio stations from the BBC.

Why am I missing some BBC stations in Scotland?

On DAB digital radio, all of the BBC’s national UK radio stations are grouped together. BBC Radio Scotland is broadcast separately on DAB.

Is RTÉ Radio 1 on digital radio in the UK?

RTÉ Radio 1 is not currently available on DAB digital radio in the UK. Developments in 2017 mean that Radio 1 or a similar service could be on DAB soon.

Can in-car DAB radios be repaired?

Many faulty in-car digital radios can be repaired. However, it’s worth considering whether a new radio may be better in the long run.

Can I change the brightness of my new car DAB radio?

New in-dash DAB car radios can be brighter than an older stereo. But there may be options to make the display dimmer.