Why does Gold fade away in parts of Dorset?

I have a DAB radio in my two year old car. I can receive GOLD UK loud and clear wherever I go except in Bridport, Dorset. As soon as I get back into town it completely fades away.
– Bill

The digital radio station GOLD UK is transmitted with twenty other national DAB stations on the Digital One multiplex. As you lose Gold on your car radio you may also find that you cannot receive Smooth UK, Magic or LBC.

Unfortunately there are still parts of the UK that receive only a few DAB digital radio stations or none at all. It appears that this could be the case in Bridport. The coverage checker at shows that the postcode of the town council offices has “good reception” of the national BBC radio stations, but no reception of commercial stations like Gold. Checking coverage of an address on East Street shows no digital radio reception at all.

As you drive in or out of town you may receive DAB digital radio stations again. These may be received from the DAB transmitter at Bincombe between Weymouth and Dorchester.

According to Arqiva, the company that runs the network which carries Gold, more than “90% of UK households” are covered by over 160 transmitters. Digital radio transmitters are occasionally added to improve coverage. However, we’re not aware of any upcoming additions to the network which includes Gold.

Alternatives to DAB

As your car is two years old it may also have Bluetooth or an Aux-In socket in addition to DAB reception.

If you have a smartphone and a suitable mobile data allowance you could use the Gold or Radioplayer apps to listen to Gold. Although this would rely on 3G or 4G coverage it may allow you to listen to Gold without interruption in Bridport.

The Radioplayer app is also compatible with Apple Carplay and Android Auto, if these are available in your car.