What is DAB+ and is it different to DAB?

DAB+ (sometimes called DAB plus) is a newer version of DAB. Some of the UK’s digital radio stations use DAB+, so it’s worth checking the next radio you buy can receive DAB+ stations.

What is Pop Up Radio?

Pop Up Radio is often found in the list of stations on a digital radio.

Why are some digital radio stations mono?

Some digital radio listeners may have noticed that several stations are now broadcast in mono instead of stereo. For broadcasters it is a question of quality versus quantity.

Do digital radios work abroad?

Many countries in Europe also have DAB Digital Radio, so if you travel to Ireland or Germany you will be able to receive digital radio in your car or with a personal radio.

Can I get an outside aerial for my digital radio?

If you’re disappointed with the selection of digital radio stations you receive or find that the signal breaks up frequently you may be in a poor signal area and could benefit from an external aerial.

Can I get digital radio on a smartphone?

There are currently no smartphones on sale in the UK with DAB or DAB+ digital radio. You can listen to radio stations on your smartphone with a range of apps, including Radioplayer and TuneIn.