Digital Radio in Cars

In-car DAB digital radio guide

Adding DAB digital radio to your car or van has never been easier or more affordable.

There are several options when it comes to upgrading your car, from a small add-on device to replacing the car stereo with a new unit.

How to upgrade your car with DAB digital radio

Replacing a factory fit car radio

Replacing a factory-fit radio with one which can receive DAB is sometimes the neatest solution, if slightly more costly than an add-on device.

Replace a single-DIN stereo with a DAB radio

If your car already has a single-DIN size radio it should be possible to replace it with a DAB radio for reception of digital radio stations. This is often a fairly simple upgrade which can be done at home or inexpensively by a professional installer.

DAB windscreen aerials for cars

In-car digital radios and adapters need a suitable DAB signal to receive digital stations. A DAB windscreen aerial is a relatively cheap and easy to install option.

Magnetic DAB aerials for cars

Magnetic DAB digital radio aerials are a great choice for cars and vans. They’re fairly easy to install and generally perform better than internal windscreen antennas.