Can I get BBC Local Radio stations on Freeview?

In June 2016 the BBC made its local radio stations available on Freeview across the UK.

Why do I lose DAB stations on car journeys?

This can be due to the way national and local digital radio stations are transmitted.

Should I buy a digital radio now?

The answer depends on your listening habits and whether you need a new radio. There’s currently no deadline to switch to DAB digital radio.

What DAB aerials are suitable for classic cars?

Classic car owners need not miss out on modern digital radio stations. Suitable aerials and radios are available.

Can I get UK and Irish stations online in other countries?

You normally can receive UK and Irish radio stations in other countries around the world.

Will my digital radios be made obsolete by DAB+?

There are currently no widespread plans to switch from DAB to DAB+. You may be able to update your older radio to receive DAB+.

Where can I listen to BBC Radio 3 in the evening in Scotland?

BBC Radio 3 is unavailable on Freeview in Scotland while BBC ALBA is on-air. BBC Radio 3 is available 24/7 on DAB digital radio and other platforms.

I’ve lost all stations and when I retune it goes to Chill

If a radio has lost all DAB stations and only a few can be selected the radio may be in a preset mode.

Do I have to buy a DAB+ radio to receive Scala Radio?

Scala Radio is broadcast using DAB, so you don’t need to buy a DAB+ compatible radio.

Why can’t we get good reception of LBC 97.3?

Radio interference can come in many forms and from various sources.