Why do I lose DAB channels at night?

DAB transmissions don’t change at night, but something that’s switched on at night could cause interference.

Can I tune into Virgin Radio manually?

It’s not normally necessary to tune into a digital radio station manually, but some radios do offer this function.

What’s happened to Smooth Extra on Sky?

Smooth Extra is no longer available on Sky, but it can still be found on DAB digital radio.

Why has Gold gone from my DAB radio?

Earlier this year the digital station Gold switched to DAB+ and different transmitters. It’s now available across the UK but you may need to re-tune your radio.

Can I buy a fascia for a Peugeot 2008?

A new aftermarket device from Pioneer should work in the Peugeot 2008.

Is a Hyundai Tucson suitable for a DAB+ radio?

Your 2017 car comes with DAB digital radio and should receive DAB+ stations.

Can my Roberts RD-20 Gemini DAB radio be modified for DAB+?

Unfortunately the Gemini RD-20 cannot be upgraded, but there are some suitable replacements.

Why does my car radio search for stations all the time?

First check the settings to ensure the radio can find stations in the UK, but there could be a problem with the radio.

Why can’t I pick up Virgin Radio even with a strong signal?

There could be an issue with your DAB radio which is preventing it from finding Virgin Radio.

Do DAB radios come with Bluetooth?

Some DAB radios now come with Bluetooth connectivity, from mid-range to high-end models. It’s worth checking the specifications of any radio you’re thinking of buying.