Why have I suddenly lost digital stations?

If you’ve suddenly lost access to digital radio stations there could be a problem with your local transmitter.

What digital radio stations are available in Kent?

Can I get BBC Radio 1, 2, 3, 4 and BBC Radio Kent on digital radio in Maidstone? If not, when will these stations be available? Also, what stations can I receive now?

I can’t see the display on my car radio

When the display on a DAB car stereo is too dark or too bright adjusting the illumination and dimmer settings could help.

Which areas are capable of receiving DAB+ stations?

There are now six DAB+ digital radio stations which are available across the UK, in addition to local stations in some areas.

How much would a new radio cost for my Peugeot 208?

It appears it is possible to replace the radio in a Peugeot 208 with a DAB and Bluetooth unit.

Why have I been unable to receive commercial DAB stations recently?

The transmitters which provide DAB digital radio coverage are generally quite reliable and complete outages are rare.

My TV or Freeview box will not find Gold or Smooth Extra

Unfortunately it is not currently possible to receive Gold or Smooth Extra with a Freeview television or Freeview box.

How can I listen to Irish radio on the internet without WiFI?

You don’t need WiFi to listen to online radio. Tune in to Irish stations with home broadband or mobile data.

Are DAB stations in Oxford broadcast in mono?

Half of the local DAB services in Oxfordshire are broadcast in stereo – the other half are broadcast in mono.

How can I set the sleep function on a Bush Classic DAB radio?

The sleep feature on DAB digital radios enables them to be switched off after a set time, but your radio may revert to the standby mode.