Pure’s new audio companion designed for restful sleep and mindful moments

Audio brand Pure has unveiled a new ‘audio companion’ that combines DAB+/FM radio, Bluetooth connectivity, natural sounds and a dimmable light.

Introducing the brand-new Moment on the summer solstice, Pure says the new device sets out to improve sleep routines and inspire focus by creating a calming ambience in living spaces. A palette of ambient sounds including birdsong, sea waves and white noise have been chosen by audio engineers at Pure to create a tranquil atmosphere to guide users to sleep.

A built-in dimmable night-light provides gentle lighting for bedrooms. With the sunrise function the lamp gradually increases in brightness to simulate a natural wake-up. If power is lost overnight an emergency battery will bring up the clock display to full light, ready for the alarm to go off.

The new Pure Moment in Coffee White

DAB, DAB+ and FM radio stations are received on the Pure Moment with 10 preset slots available for favourite stations. Bluetooth 5.3 is included for connecting to a smartphone for personal audio. The backup battery will ensure settings aren’t lost if the 0.58kg device is moved to other rooms.

The large, fully dimmable LCD display shows the clock and upcoming alarms. A common issue with alarm clock radios is the brightness of the clock illumination, but the Moment’s display can be turned off completely.

Buttons on the top of the device are easy to use at night with a large concave light and snooze button on the left and a volume / select / standby knob on the right. Buttons in the centre set the sleep timer and alarms, recall presets and select relaxing sounds.

Alarms can be configured for daily needs with options for radio, sounds and buzzer as well as the alarm volume and behaviour of the sound and light.

The Pure Moment is available to order now in Coffee Black and Cotton White on the Pure website for £109.99.

The new audio device joins other recent launches in the Pure line-up. The Classic H4 portable radio, Classic C-D6 radio and CD player and Classic Stereo were recently unveiled, while wood editions have been added to the Evoke range.

Pure is one of the longest-running DAB digital radio brands, having launched the Pure Evoke-1 portable radio over 20 years ago. The company later introduced the Chronos and Siesta bedside DAB radios.