Why doesn’t my DAB+ radio receive DAB+ stations?

I have a Soundmaster DAB+ radio, model no. DAB650SI. A radio channel that I often listen to, now only broadcasts in DAB+ but after repeated scanning this radio does not pick up this station in the new format. The radio quite clearly is labelled as a DAB+ radio. I also have a Pure Mi One, and after an update, receives this DAB+ station with no trouble.
– John

First you could check whether the radio is receiving other DAB+ radio stations. Although the text “DAB+ FM receiver” is shown on the radio itself the manual doesn’t specify whether the radio receives DAB+ stations.

If you can receive Absolute Radio or Classic FM on DAB digital radio you should also receive DAB+ stations Heart 80s and Smooth Chill. Alternatively if you can tune into Planet Rock you should also be able to hear Union JACK.

Being able to hear Heart 80s or Union JACK would confirm that DAB+ reception is possible. If neither of these stations work, and you can receive Absolute Radio or Planet Rock, this would suggest that DAB+ stations cannot be received on the radio.

Retuning and resetting

You mentioned that you have performed a rescan. The radio has a dedicated scan button on the front panel, but also a ‘full scan’ option in the menu.

This can be accessed by entering the DAB mode and then pressing the menu button. Use the Tune + and – buttons to find the full scan option and push the enter button.

Another option would be to use the factory reset function which normally clears the list of stored stations, presets, alarms and so on. This can be accessed through the menu, then system and by selecting factory reset.

The radio may then scan for stations automatically or a full scan could be started through the menu.

If the station you are looking for still cannot be found it may be worth contacting Soundmaster or the retailer incase the radio is faulty. Unfortunately there is no information in the manual regarding updates or upgrades as are possible with some Pure models.