My Pure Evoke radio won’t connect to an Internet radio station

Why can’t I listen to Jazz24? I can get it on my tablet but not on a Pure Evoke. Disappointed as my idea was to use this as a radio alarm. It’s on the list but wont connect.
– Nick

There are a few things you can try if your Pure Evoke radio won’t connect to an Internet radio station.

You mention that the station is on the list but won’t connect. This means that the radio can receive Internet radio stations and may be a Pure Evoke F3. It’s worth mentioning that not all Evoke models support Internet radio listening.

The next thing to check would be that the radio is connected to the Internet and can receive other stations. If you pick a different station from the list it should play without skipping or pausing. If the problem occurs with other stations make sure your broadband is working and try setting up the Wi-Fi connection again.

Internet radio directory problems

Many internet radios use an online directory or database to find up-to-date lists of stations. By using a database you can benefit from a provider making changes to keep it current. If the radio was preloaded with a list of stations and their streams it could quickly become outdated. Finding and adding the streams for radio stations manually could be time consuming.

Occasionally these directories can be unavailable due to technical problems. If this happens the service is normally resumed within a few hours.

Another issue can be with the radio station. If their stream is offline for a technical reason the radio won’t connect and you could try again later. The station may have changed the URL of their online streams and the directory may now be incorrect.

In these cases you could contact the radio station or the directory provider. Radio stations can contact the directories to update their details, although they will normally do this when they change their stream details.

If the stream is restricted to certain countries you may be able to see it on a list but not connect. This is the case with many US-based radio stations.

As you can listen to this particular station on your tablet it would indicate an issue with the directory or the particular stream which is used by Internet radios.

If you still can’t hear the station by choosing it from the list you can normally add a stream manually. To do this you need to get the stream URL from the radio station. Some stations put the ‘streaming link’ on their website or you may need to contact the station or search for it online. Then follow the instructions with the radio to add a custom station or stream. You will then be able to select the station from a ‘my streams’ (or similar) option on your radio’s menu.