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Digital Radio Choice is a buyer’s guide for digital radios in the UK.

This website provides information about digital radios, answers to common questions and updates on programmes and stations. Digital Radio Choice was founded as a blog about radios and audio devices in 2013 and recently updated with a new design and refreshed content.

The aim of this website is to help buyers find the best new radios, stations and programmes.

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About digital radio

Digital radio offers more choice compared to FM and AM radio. DAB Digital Radio launched in the UK at the turn of the millennium and most of the UK can receive a range of radio stations using DAB, including national and local stations. Since the 1990’s digital radio has also been available by satellite, terrestrial television and cable. In 2016 the UK joined other countries in Europe in adopting DAB+ for the first time.

This website predominantly covers digital radio available via DAB Digital Radio, as well as by terrestrial television (e.g. Freeview), satellite (e.g. Sky, Freesat or Free to Air) and cable (e.g. Virgin Media). The website also covers internet radio, downloads and on-demand listening.


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