TechniSat DIGITRADIO 1 DAB Rechargeable Radio

Technisat DIGITRADIO 1 Review

The TechniSat DIGITRADIO 1 is a portable DAB/DAB+ and FM radio with some thoughtful features for owners. A rechargeable, removable battery in a widely available size is very welcome in this small radio.

Roberts Play 10 Portable DAB Radio

Roberts Play 10 Portable DAB Radio

The Roberts Play 10 is an affordable DAB/DAB+ digital radio from a well known brand. Its large display, easy to use controls, light weight, battery and mains power options and carry handle make it a good portable radio.

Pure Elan One DAB+ Portable Radio with Bluetooth

The Pure Elan One is a DAB/DAB+ and FM portable radio with Bluetooth. A full colour screen and easy to use controls from a known brand make this a good option for a kitchen radio.

Majority Parkside Colour Review

Majority Parkside Colour Review

The Majority Parkside Colour is an interesting new personal digital radio. In addition to FM and DAB/DAB+ reception it can play files from a microSD card. The design is intriguing too, with the front of the radio featuring only a colour display. A built-in rechargeable battery makes this a well-equipped device for the money.

Sonichi S100-DAB Adapter Review

Sonichi S100 DAB Adapter

The Sonichi S100-DAB is an affordable DAB adapter. DAB reception is good, but the windscreen mount is frustrating. No backlit buttons makes it difficult to use at night.

Autoleads DAB-AA1 DAB Windscreen Aerial Review

The Autoleads DAB-AA1 DAB performed well in our tests. Installation was straight-forward with brief but helpful instructions. The aerial offers good value for money.

Stitcher Radio Review

Preview of Stitcher app

Stitcher on Android is a safe bet for anyone new to podcasts. It is unobtrusive, functional and clean in its design with a huge range of podcasts.

Roberts SportsDAB5 Personal Radio Review

Roberts SportsDAB5 Front View

The Roberts SportsDAB5 is a personal DAB digital radio for listeners on the go. With DAB/DAB+/FM reception it offers good value for money.

Tesco DR1403G Review

Tesco DR1403G Review

The Tesco DR1403G is one of the cheapest portable digital radios on sale today. It receives DAB and FM radio stations, has easy to use controls and a clear display.

Sony XDR-S40DBP Portable Radio Review

Sony XDR-S40DBP in a Kitchen

Sony’s XDR-S40DBP portable digital radio is well designed and is best at home in smaller rooms and kitchens. Its build quality sets it apart at this price.