Can I receive DAB radio stations from other countries?

In the UK it’s not possible to receive DAB or DAB+ radio stations from other countries. The digital radio stations which are available around the country all come from UK transmitters.

How can I find Planet Rock?

A reader emails to ask how they can find digital rock music radio station Planet Rock.

What are digital radio ensembles?

A digital radio ensemble is a collection of radio stations. Most of the time you won’t be aware of ensembles, but some car radios make them more apparent.

My radio is missing digital stations after re-tuning

Some digital radio users have found that Absolute 80s, Planet Rock and Premier Christian Radio are no longer available after re-tuning. This is due to the stations moving to a new network of transmitters.

What are secondary services?

On digital radio there are several ‘secondary’ services. These are like radio stations which only operate on a part-time basis, or come on air to provide alternative programming to the main service.

What is DAB+ and is it different to DAB?

DAB+ (sometimes called DAB plus) is a newer version of DAB. Some of the UK’s digital radio stations use DAB+, so it’s worth checking the next radio you buy can receive DAB+ stations.