What are digital radio ensembles?

A digital radio ensemble is a collection of radio stations. Most of the time you won’t be aware of ensembles, but some car radios make them more apparent.

My radio is missing digital stations after re-tuning

Some digital radio users have found that Absolute 80s, Planet Rock and Premier Christian Radio are no longer available after re-tuning. This is due to the stations moving to a new network of transmitters.

What are secondary services?

On digital radio there are several ‘secondary’ services. These are like radio stations which only operate on a part-time basis, or come on air to provide alternative programming to the main service.

What is DAB+ and is it different to DAB?

DAB+ (sometimes called DAB plus) is a newer version of DAB. Some of the UK’s digital radio stations use DAB+, so it’s worth checking the next radio you buy can receive DAB+ stations.

What is Pop Up Radio?

Pop Up Radio is often found in the list of stations on a digital radio.

Why are some digital radio stations mono?

Some digital radio listeners may have noticed that several stations are now broadcast in mono instead of stereo. For broadcasters it is a question of quality versus quantity.