Can I pause and rewind with digital radio?

If you’ve ever missed something on the radio you might wish you could rewind the programme as you do with your TV recorder. Digital radios with pause and rewind functions have been available for several years now but are the exception rather than the norm.

Some radios with these features begin recording as soon as you switch the radio on and tune into a station – just like a Sky+ box. Others can be programmed to start and stop recording at set times. The recording is made to internal memory or an SD card.

Many radio programmes can now be played on-demand on websites, in apps and downloaded as podcasts. When the first pause and rewind radio models were released these sorts of online features were primarily found on BBC and large station websites, but now even small radio stations upload many audio clips to their websites.

The Pure One Classic Series 2 (RRP £65) offers a ‘Listen Later’ function which can record programmes whilst the radio is switched on or in standby. The radio also has a pause/play button for live radio. The recording time available isn’t enough for a two hour programme like Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review but would be useful for shorter programmes like The Archers.