Can I buy hi-fi separates with digital radio?

A small range of hi-fi separates with built-in digital radio are available from recognisable brands including Yamaha and Onkyo.

Until recently anyone wishing to add digital radio to their hi-fi system would need a separate DAB tuner and FM tuner. Whilst radio tuners are still available, the range is now reduced somewhat with Sony, Cambridge Audio and Denon no longer offering radio hi-fi separates.

In recent years the range of hi-fi separate tuners has contracted to just a few models which now include both FM and DAB. A Tibo tuner with FM and DAB would cost around £100 whilst an Onkyo model with DAB+ comes in at just under £200.

To make the most of a hi-fi separate tuner it would be worth considering a loft or roof mounted antenna. Whilst it’s easy to adjust the antenna on a portable radio or move it to another location, hi-fi separates are often in cabinets or under TVs, which can make it harder to position an unsightly cable for the best signal.

If you’re thinking of purchasing a new AV Receiver to replace an amplifier it’s worth checking for DAB/DAB+. AV Receivers are often purchased for their myriad inputs and surround sound capabilities but have included AM/FM tuners for some time. Now manufacturers are including digital radio in more models.

There are some other options for enjoying digital radio through your hi-fi system. If your satellite, cable or other TV receiver is near your amplifier and offers and audio output you could connect this to an input on your amplifier. Once you’ve chosen the station you’d like to listen to you can switch off the television. Most national stations are available via satellite and cable.

Can I connect a DAB tuner to a amp using RCA plugs?
– Paul

Most DAB tuners we have seen do have RCA sockets for a line-out connection to an amplifier.

See our answer to another question about DAB tuners and hi-fi amplifiers for more details.