What is Pop Up Radio?

Pop Up Radio is often found in the list of stations on a digital radio.

This special radio station doesn’t have a fixed schedule or programmes of its own. Rather it ‘pops up’ when required for special events. Recently Pop Up Radio has brought coverage of a Celtic music festival and motorcycle racing on the Isle of Man to listeners around the UK.

You can tune into the ‘Pop Up Radio’ station to see if any special events are being broadcast, or check the website for news on future events.

Temporary pop up stations

The BBC has recently broadcast temporary ‘pop up’ digital radio stations, including BBC Radio 2 Country. This station was broadcast for four days to coincide with the Country 2 Country festival in London. A pop up station was also used during the 2012 London Olympics for extra sport commentaries and coverage.

Another popular pop-up station was Radio 2 Eurovision, launched in May 2014 to coincide with the Eurovision Song Contest.