Which brands make digital radios?

Most popular electronics brands feature digital radio in their product ranges.

One of the most popular digital radio brands is Pure. The British company launched in 2002 with their Evoke model which quickly became one of the most recognisable digital radios. Their range has grown to more than a dozen models and they remain recognised for their design and build quality.

Another recognisable radio brand is Roberts. Founded 70 years before Pure their range now covers digital, analogue and internet radios with more than 100 models on sale. The ‘revival’ models are based on 50s styling with the digital display and controls tucked away on the top of the radio.

Sony currently offers seven digital radios, whilst Panasonic has a single model in its 2015 range. Philips, View Quest, Aves, Bush, Goodmans, Alba and Revo also offer digital radios.

Some UK retailers offer sets under their own brand – such as John Lewis and Tesco.

In recent years some recognisable brand names have begun to appear on DAB digital radios. German manufacturer Blaupunkt has been making car stereos for decades but was recently sold by owner Bosch. Now the Blaupunkt name appears on a range of electrical items – designed and manufactured by partners.

Likewise the Polaroid brand has been licensed and now appears exclusively in Asda stores in the UK. Some mainstays of electronic outlets like Aiwa and Sanyo have been absorbed into their parent companies.