Questions and Answers – February 2021

This month we’ve received questions about reception of stations in East Sussex and Norfolk, using a Pure internet radio and upgrading a tuner.

We are currently receiving more questions than normal. If yours hasn’t been answered yet please check back during March.

Thanks to everyone who has sent a question during February.

Will I be able to receive Gold radio in East Sussex?

Will I be able to receive Gold UK in Winchelsea, East Sussex?

According to the digitalradioUK coverage checker the centre of Winchelsea should receive Gold UK with ‘fair’ reception. This means that Gold UK could be more difficult to receive than the BBC’s national radio stations, BBC Radio Sussex and other local stations. When scanning for DAB stations ensure the aerial is vertical and fully extended. You can try experimenting with the location of the radio too and performing the scan again.

Gold UK broadcasts on digital radio using DAB+ rather than DAB. If you don’t have a DAB digital radio yet do check any that you purchase has the digital radio tick mark or can receive DAB+ stations. Older radios that can receive KISS and talkSPORT but not Gold UK or Heart 80s are likely to be incompatible with DAB+ stations.

If Gold UK isn’t available in your specific location you could consider an Internet radio which would be able to tune into stations online using Wi-Fi. Alternatively you could look at a smart speaker. Both of these options would offer Gold UK and many other stations playing similar music.

Why doesn’t DAB work in parts of Norfolk?

Why doesn’t DAB digital radio work in Dersingham?
– David

According to a coverage checker the centre of Dersingham should receive the BBC’s national radio stations. If your radio doesn’t find these stations during an auto-scan you can try extending the aerial and ensure it is vertical. You can also try moving the radio to another location to scan for stations.

Unfortunately it appears that Dersingham doesn’t have coverage of the national commercial radio stations, such as Absolute Radio, Magic or Jazz FM. It also appears that the transmitters for the local radio stations in Norfolk, including BBC Radio Norfolk and Greatest Hits Radio, don’t reach your location. Nearby King’s Lynn and Hunstanton also do not have indoor coverage of these local stations on DAB. You can see more details about the multiplex and coverage maps on the provider’s website.

There are still parts of the country which have no or little digital radio coverage. Although in recent years extra transmitters have been switched on in Norfolk for BBC and commercial stations we are not aware of any current plans to add more transmitters.

Stations missing from a Pure internet radio

I have a Pure Evoke F3. I listen to the metal genre and when I first bought the radio around a month ago there were hundreds of metal stations. Today I thought I’d try some new stations and there are only 51. The list of countries has dropped to 14 also when there were well over 50. I’ve tried a reset and that hasn’t worked. The station I was listening to before the reset has gone now and doesn’t come up in the search either.
– Calvin

Internet radios like the Pure Evoke F3 use an online database of radio stations. This means the radio can be kept up-to-date with the correct streams and new radio stations as they become available. However, there can be issues with these databases being unavailable or even becoming discontinued.

We would try a reset again in case there was a temporary problem. If you can still not see the full range of stations you could try connecting your radio to a Flow account. After connecting the radio you may be able to find metal stations and save them as favourites, which should then be reflected on the radio.

The metal genre on shows more than 250 radio stations and Pure has a page with more information about registering the radio.

If you can still not browse the stations on the radio it may be faulty and you could contact Pure Support or your retailer for further assistance.

How can I contact Pure?

I own two Pure DAB hi-fi tuners and would like to upgrade to DAB+ but am unable to trace a contact email of phone for the company to get information from them. Can you help?
– Gavin

Pure can be contacted for technical support via a form on their website: Pure Support. There isn’t a phone number or email address listed on the contact page, but replies to support enquiries are normally quite quick.

Although some Pure devices can be upgraded for DAB+ reception some older Pure products cannot be upgraded. If you need to look at a new tuner we would check out the tuners from Rotel. Unfortunately many of the second-hand Sony, Denon and Cambridge Audio tuners being sold online are not compatible with DAB+ stations.