Where can I buy replacement parts for a DAB radio?

Where can I buy replacement parts for a DAB radio, such as an aerial for a Roberts Play 10?
– Geoff

Many manufacturers of DAB digital radios offer spare parts through their own websites. Some brands offer replacement parts through partners instead.

If the radio is within the warranty period it may be worth checking whether the fault is something that could be resolved first. The radio should have come with guarantee information or you could contact the brand directly first.

The spare parts that are available tend to be limited to power supplies, remote controls, covers, straps and so on. Components like buttons, displays, speakers and knobs are not routinely available from the manufacturers. However, these can sometimes be found on ebay.


Spare parts for Roberts radios are available from On the website you can choose your radio and a list of available parts will be shown.

The website lists the power supply, manual, rubber wrist strap and battery cover for the radio. However, a replacement antenna isn’t listed for the Play 10.

A replacement telescopic aerial does appear to be available from a seller on ebay.

Alternatively we would suggest contacting Roberts through the above website to ask if this part is available separately.


The Ruark website has a section for spares and accessories. It’s possible to buy remote controls, power adapters and F-type telescopic aerials. Helpfully Ruark also sells transit cartons.

A replacement power supply for the Ruark R1 Mk3 and Mk4 is £23.99 while a new telescopic aerial is £11.99.


Parts are available for some Pure radios at This mainly includes mains power adapters and telescopic aerials.


A range of spare parts are available for Sony radios through approved partner EET Europarts. Selecting a product like the XDR-V1BTD will show the power adapter and telescopic antenna that can be ordered.

There is a network of Sony authorised repair centres in the UK. Using the locator on Sony’s website you can find a local provider that may be able to repair the product.


Revo sells replacement power adapters and remote controls on its website. Power supplies are priced from £41.99 to £54.99 while remote controls start at £41.99.

The company doesn’t list other spare parts online, but an online contact form is available for support enquiries.


Power adapters and wire DAB antennas for some models can be purchased online from

We could also see spare parts like battery slot covers, but some more recent Panasonic models are not listed on the site. One power adapter was listed for more than £40, making up half the cost of a similar new Panasonic digital radio.

For repairs Panasonic offers a tool to find the nearest Service Centre. After choosing a product category and model and entering a post code the form provides local contact details.