Questions and Answers – March 2021

This month we have questions about losing reception in the evening, tuning into Gold and Indian radio stations and DAB and Internet radios.

We are currently receiving more questions than normal. Please bear with us as we answer them as quickly as possible and check back to see if yours has been answered.

Thanks to everyone who has sent a question recently.

Why does LBC go off air in the evening?

I have Pure Evoke 2 radio. Why does LBC go off air on DAB in the evening, as it’s always there in the morning and throughout the day?
– Heather

When a digital radio station is unavailable at particular times of day this could be due to interference. You could experiment with switching off LED lights and other devices and appliances near the radio. If you always switch on the kitchen lights or use a washing machine at a particular time this could cause the loss of reception.

Many digital radios can show a signal strength meter. When this is being displayed while you can hear LBC you could note the signal strength. If you then switch on other electrical items and lights that you normally use in the evening you might see the signal drop.

You may be able to restore reception by moving the radio to another location. We have found that using a DAB radio while LED ceiling lights are switched on mainly affected weaker signals. If you are able to find another position for the radio where the signal is stronger it may be more resilient.

Digital radio transmitters don’t reduce their power at night and aren’t affected in the same way as mediumwave stations in the evening.

Where can I find Gold radio in Cornwall?

I have a DAB+ radio. What frequency can I find Gold radio. I am in Cornwall and used to get Cornish Gold. Thank you.
– Judy

Digital radio station Gold was previously available in Cornwall with local radio stations like Pirate FM and BBC Radio Cornwall. In 2019 the station moved from local transmitters to national transmitters. It would be worth trying a re-scan of your digital radio. If you can receive Absolute Radio and LBC you should have sufficient coverage to receive Gold UK.

If you receive those stations, but not Gold UK, it would be worth checking that you can receive DAB+ stations. Smooth Chill and Heart 70s are both DAB+ stations which are broadcast alongside Gold UK.

Some digital radios have the facility to tune into a multiplex manually. Gold UK is on block 11D which has a frequency of 222.064MHz. The user manual, which you may also be able to find online, should explain how manual tuning works on your radio.

You can check if you should receive Gold in your area using a coverage checker. When scanning for stations ensure the aerial is extended and vertical. You can also try scanning for stations in a different room and away from devices which could cause interference, like LED lights and washing machines.

Will my FM/DAB radio work in Nigeria?

Can my Robert FM/DAB digital portable radio TD-20 work in Nigeria?
– Toyin

The Roberts RD-20 is a portable FM/DAB digital radio. You should be able to FM radio stations with the radio in Nigeria.

According to WorldDAB there are no DAB digital radio services in the country, so unfortunately the radio won’t receive any digital stations.

Q2 Internet radio no longer receives some stations

I can longer get Radio 4 and BBC Radio Cambridge on my Q2 radio.
– Zoreh

The Q2 Wi-Fi radio receives stations through the Internet. It doesn’t have buttons or a display and stations and volume are changed by tilting or tipping the radio.

It appears that radio stations are set using an application which is downloaded to a PC or Mac. The Q2 radio website still has the software available for download. It would be worth trying this to see if setting the stations again will bring them back. Online streams have a URL and occasionally broadcasters change or discontinue these addresses. Many Internet radios use a directory which is updated so that the radio can continue tuning in to online stations. However, if the Q2 uses the desktop application for such updates you may need to plug it in to your computer.

Finally ensure that the radio is able to connect to your Wi-Fi. Some wireless devices may not connect to newer Wi-Fi routers which use stronger wireless security technology.

We would suggest visiting for more information. You could also try contacting manufacturer Armour Home for support.

Are Indian radio stations available on digital radio or Freesat?

Which Indian radio stations are available on digital radio, specifically on Freesat?
– Mr Kumar

Freesat offers fewer digital radio stations than are available on Sky, with only the BBC Asian Network on channel 709.

Sky and Freesat from Sky offers the BBC Asian Network (0119), Panjab Radio (0130 – also on DAB digital radio in London), Sukh Sagar Radio (0150) and Desi Radio (0169).

If you have a Freesat receiver or television you may be able to add channels which are not listed in the electronic programme guide. It’s worth checking the instructions as using this sort of mode can affect recordings and other facilities in your receiver.

To add a channel you will need to know the frequency, polarity, SR and FEC. When you input these details the receiver will scan that transponder for TV and radio stations. You can see a list of the available radio stations on the satellites used by Sky and Freesat on the KingOfSat website.

Can I buy a Pure Move R3?

Can I buy a Pure Move R3 DAB radio in any colour?
– Roy

The Pure Move R3 personal digital radio doesn’t currently appear to be available to purchase online. It is shown as unavailable on Amazon.

Although the radio is listed on the Pure website it isn’t available to buy. Pure recently posted an update stating that due to customs fees involved with delivering orders to the UK from their EU warehouse orders have been paused on its website. The same issue also affects Onkyo who have posted the same message on their website.

The Pure R3 is listed on MediaMarkt Austria with a delivery estimate of two weeks, but delivery is not possible to the UK.

An alternative to the Pure R3 would be the Roberts SportsDAB5