Sonichi S100-DAB

Sonichi S100 In-car DAB Adapter

The Sonichi S100 is a good budget DAB adapter, but there’s no Bluetooth connectivity and it doesn’t come with an aerial.

Majority Parkside Colour

Majority Parkside Colour

The Majority Parkside Colour offers a good combination of DAB/DAB+/FM reception, MP3 playback from an SD card and a rechargeable battery.

Pure Evoke F3

Pure Evoke F3 DAB and Internet Radio

Radios like the Pure Evoke F3 which combine DAB/DAB+, FM radio, Bluetooth and Internet radio are versatile additions to any room.

Majority Journey A10

Majority Journey A10 In-car DAB Adapter

Add DAB digital radio and Bluetooth streaming to any car with an FM stereo and 12V socket.

Pure Move R3

Pure Move R3 Personal DAB Radio

A modern and functional design with a choice of two colours make it an stylish companion on the move.

VQ Blighty

VQ Blighty

VQ brings a range of colours and a rechargeable battery to the personal DAB/DAB+/FM radio.

Sony XDR-S41D

Sony XDR-S41D Portable DAB+ Radio

The Sony XDR-S41D improves on its predecessor while maintaining a smart, functional design.


Sony CMT-SX7B Hi-Fi with DAB

This well connected hi-fi system includes DAB, Bluetooth, AirPlay, Wi-Fi and more.

Sony XDR-V20D

Sony XDR-V20D DAB Clock Radio

The Sony XDR-V20D is a premium DAB digital radio which provides high quality sound from a small footprint.

Panasonic RF-D20BT

Panasonic RF-D20BT

Panasonic only make two DAB digital radios and the RF-D20BT is their newest model. Bluetooth connectivity and simple controls make this digital radio a great buy.