Majority Parkside Colour

Price (RRP) £37.95

The Majority Parkside Colour is a personal FM/DAB/DAB+ digital radio. It has a built-in rechargeable battery, full colour LCD display and can play music from an SD card.

On the front of the radio is the colour display. At a higher resolution than most radios of this size it displays the current radio station and all of the scrolling text at the same time. When browsing for stations several are listed, making it easy to scroll to the desired service. The battery level and time are also shown.

The three modes – DAB, FM and music playback – are selected with single presses of the power button. Music and podcasts from a SD card can be played in the music playback mode. The device supports SD cards up to 64GB and the Majority Parkside Colour will play MP3s as well as FLAC files.

Stations are selected with the buttons on the top of the radio, where there’s also a menu button. Accidental button presses can be prevented by holding the OK button to activate the key lock. The USB micro-B socket, microSD card slot and power button are on the left side. Headphones are plugged in on the right, above the volume controls and a preset button.

Premium feel in a small package

Included with the radio in the box is an instruction booklet, earphones and a USB cable. This is used to recharge the built-in 1000mAh battery. No three pin adapter is included, but a USB power adapter or a USB socket on a computer could be used to charge the radio.

The battery should provide more than 10 hours of listening to digital radio and slightly less for FM radio at full volume.

Fingerprints can be seen on the shiny black surfaces, but this is the case with most gadgets of a similar design. A protective case is not included and it may be worth purchasing one to keep the device and its screen in good condition.

Weighing 66 grams and measuring 1.5cm deep it’s easy to drop into a pocket and forget about.

Majority is a relatively new name compared to Roberts and Pure, but the device does come with a three year warranty. The instruction manual runs to more than 20 pages with details on operating the radio and music playback modes. Overall the radio and its packaging has a premium feel.

Majority Parkside Colour
Majority Parkside Colour Personal Digital Radio

Verdict: The Majority Parkside Colour offers a good combination of DAB/DAB+/FM reception, MP3 playback from an SD card and a rechargeable battery.


  • Headphone Jack
  • Battery Power
  • Stereo
  • 10 DAB / 10 FM Presets
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