I’m unable to re-tune to Talk Radio +

I was unable to change from Talk Radio to Talk Radio +. Using autotune to reset neither Talk Radio nor Talk Radio+ appeared.
– Sue

Digital radio station talkRADIO recently announced that it would be changing from DAB to DAB+.

talkRADIO explained that between 9th June and 26th June 2020 the station will be available as both DAB and DAB+. After 26th June 2020 the original DAB version will no longer be available.

On many digital radios the new talkRADIO + will appear automatically and you’ll be able to tune into it straight away. On some radios it may be necessary to use the re-scan or auto-scan function. This will search for all available radio stations and store them in the alphabetical list.

You mentioned that after doing this neither talkRADIO nor talkRADIO + appeared. This would indicate that the radio didn’t find a strong enough signal to store the stations. To verify this you could see if your radio has found Planet Rock and Scala Radio which are broadcast from the same transmitters.

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Tuning in to talkRADIO +

Until 26th June 2020 you should still be able to receive the original Talk Radio, so it’s worth trying the auto-tune function again. Sometimes a digital radio won’t find all of the available radio stations, but adjusting the location of the radio may help. We have seen DAB radios receive digital stations perfectly well at one end of a windowsill but show ‘No Signal’ at the other.

When tuning into digital radio stations the telescopic antenna should be fully extended and straight up vertically. You could even try re-tuning in another room and then bring the radio back once it’s found the station. You can check which digital stations you should receive with an online coverage checker.

If your radio does find talkRADIO, but not talkRADIO+, this could indicate that it’s not compatible with DAB+. Some digital radios don’t receive DAB+ stations and you could verify this by looking for Heart 80s and Union JACK. If you can hear either of these DAB+ stations it would indicate that your radio is compatible. If your radio finds KISS, but not Heart 80s, or Planet Rock, but not Virgin Anthems, this would suggest it is not DAB+ compatible.

Some radios made by Pure can be upgraded, but unfortunately many models don’t have an upgrade facility. If you decide to look for a new digital radio do check that it has the digital radio tick mark to indicate it will receive FM, DAB and DAB+.

talkRADIO can also be found on smart speakers, apps and on their website.


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