Actress Heather Bell to return to The Archers

Actress Heather Bell will reprise the part of Clarrie Grundy next month – over 30 years after she created the role in the 1970’s.

Heather Bell will take over the role of wife of rogue Eddie and mother of Will and Ed in February, taking over from Rosalind Adams, who has been with the radio soap for 25 years.

I am really excited to be returning to Ambridge, catching up with old friends – will we even recognise each other after all these years? – and working with such a great team again. At the same time, I’m quite terrified about stepping back into Rosalind’s big shoes and living up to the task of making sure I stay true to Clarrie for all those discerning Archers listeners.
Heather Bell

Listeners will hear Heather Bell return to The Archers on Sunday, 10th February, for the 30th birthday celebrations of son Will.

The Archers is broadcast on BBC Radio 4 at 7pm from Sunday to Friday.

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