Why does my DAB radio always say ‘tuning’?

I have a DAB/FM radio. Suddenly I have lost all DAB reception, although FM still works normally. When I switch on to DAB I have the message ‘Colourful Tuning’ and nothing further happens no matter how long the radio is left. Every time I try the result is exactly the same.
– Peter

There could be a problem with the DAB digital radio which is preventing it from tuning into digital stations.

The message ‘Colourful Tuning’ could refer to the digital radio station Colourful Radio which has previously been available in parts of the UK. Your DAB radio may have found this station before, but as it’s not currently available in your location the radio will not be able to tune into it.

Normally you would be able to choose a different radio station from the list and tune into this instead. Another option could be to use the re-scan or retune function to find the stations that are available.

Digital radios often have a feature which removes old stations from the list. By using the prune function the stations which have closed or are no longer available in your area can be deleted. This would stop the radio from trying to tune into this station.

Reset an unresponsive radio

If you’re unable to choose a different station, perform a scan for stations or prune old stations the radio could be unresponsive in DAB mode.

You could try to reset the radio to its factory default settings. This would clear the stored digital stations as well as any presets, alarms and other settings. This procedure differs from radio to radio, but would normally be accessed through the settings menu. Look for an option named ‘reset’, ‘factory restore’ or something similar. You may need to select the FM mode first if you can’t access the menu in DAB mode.

The manual for your radio should have more details. If you don’t have the manual the details can often be found online.

There could be a problem with the radio if the problem persists or you can’t access the menus. If it’s still within warranty it would be worth contacting the manufacturer for further advice and repair options. However, if the radio is older it may not be economically viable to repair. We have previously reviewed a digital radio which would only tune into one station and could not be repaired.


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