Is there a problem with the Planet Rock signal?

My car radio doesn’t receive Planet Rock, I do receive other DAB stations. Is there a signal problem? I’m in Glasgow, so I’d expect a reasonable signal.
– Dave

Any problems with digital radio transmitters are generally temporary and due to a fault or maintenance. We could not find any details of any current issues with the transmitters which carry Planet Rock in Glasgow.

Planet Rock is available on from three transmitters in Glasgow: Cathcart, Glasgow West and Central Glasgow. Although you should be able to receive the station in those areas it’s worth using a coverage checker. This will list the stations you should be able to receive in your postcode area. Stations may be listed under ‘good reception’ or ‘fair reception’.

If Planet Rock isn’t listed at all its likely that the coverage isn’t sufficient in your area. Planet Rock is carried on the ‘Sound Digital’ multiplex which reaches around 83% of the UK. This is an increase on the 77% of UK households which were covered when the network launched in 2016.

Improving reception of Planet Rock

If the coverage checker predicts that you should receive the station there are a few things you can try.

First, see if you can tune into stations which are also part of the ‘Sound Digital’ multiplex. If you can receive Scala Radio and Mellow Magic you should also receive Planet Rock. If this is the case you could try forcing a re-scan of stations on the radio.

You could also check how your car’s digital radio navigates between radio stations. Some models let you go back and forth between stations within one multiplex. For example, if the radio only appears to show stations like LBC, KISS and Magic you may only be seeing stations on block 11D. Holding down the skip left or right buttons may take you to another group of stations. Planet Rock is available on block 11A.

Please see our question and answer about ensembles for more information.

Finally there could be an issue with the radio or antenna. If the DAB radio is built-in and the car is within the warranty you could always enquire with the dealer.

If the aerial is mounted on the roof of the car it’s possible that the base has suffered from water ingress. This can cause corrosion and affect reception of radio stations.


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