Sony reveals in-car DAB+ receiver with smartphone integration

Sony has announced its latest in-car DAB+ receiver will include smartphone integration.

The Sony XAV-AX205DB is the first aftermarket ‘visual receiver’ model with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as DAB/DAB+ reception, to be launched by the company.

Sony says it is building on the success of the double-DIN XAV-AX200 model. The new model has 4 x 55W amplification and comes with pre out and sub out.

Bluetooth connectivity is available for music and hands-free calls. A USB port is provided on the rear of the unit, but there is no aux-in connection.

In addition to DAB/DAB+ the unit can receive FM (with RDS) and AM stations. Presets can be set for all bands.

Sony XAV-AX205DB with Android Auto
Sony XAV-AX205DB with Android Auto

A 6.4 inch display with 800 x 480 resolution takes up most of the front of the receiver. A rotary button to the left of the screen is used to control volume, or pushed in to access sound control menus. The button can be held in to access voice control.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto allows drivers to connect a smartphone and use apps on the AX205DB. Owners of iPhone smartphones can make calls, get directions and access music.

Similarly Android Auto allows users to use Google Maps and get real-time traffic information. Voice recognition technology makes it possible to send messages and control music.

The minimal interfaces of both systems will be familiar to existing iOS and Android users. The device will need to be connected via a USB cable for these features to work.

As with many double-DIN devices there is support for reversing cameras. CD and DVDs can also be played.

The Sony XAV-AX205DB will be available from May 2018, priced at approximately £500.