Roberts unveils new Stream 94i radio

Roberts has revealed their latest smart radio with DAB/DAB+, the Stream 94i.

The new radio keeps all of the features of its predecessor, the Stream 93i, but now has Bluetooth connectivity. This means it can be used as a Bluetooth speaker, with music streamed from a smartphone or tablet.

The radio has also been redesigned, with a soft handle and wood finish. The front fascia features streamlined buttons and a colour display. Alarms, sleep and snooze timers are included, making it a viable option for a bedside radio.

As well as FM and DAB/DAB+ the Stream 94i can receive internet radio stations. Roberts says there are more than 20,000 such stations and podcasts. More than 100 presets are available for favourite stations, with five dedicated buttons on the front of the radio used for quick tuning.

Internet radio is useful for accessing stations which are not available on FM or DAB. These might be specialist stations from the UK or abroad, or stations which have not yet reached a particular

Spotify Connect provides access to the popular music streaming service (subscription may be required), and music can also be played from a USB stick. Those with music stored on their home network will be able to access and play it with the Wi-Fi connectivity. A LAN port is provided for a hard-wired connection.

Aux-in is provided for MP3 players, while line-out allows listening of internet radio and DAB through Hi-Fi separates. A headphone output is also included on the rear.

A free app can be used to control the radio over Wi-Fi. The UNDOK app works like a remote control on Android and iOS devices, although a normal remote control is also included.

The Roberts Stream 94i has an RRP of £199.99 and is on sale now.