New wireless speakers join Pure’s multiroom system

The UK-based digital radio firm Pure will this week unveil new wireless devices at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Pure’s Jongo allows streaming of audio over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, controlled with an iPad or selected Pure digital radios. Retailing for around £150, the Jongo S340B (pictured in yellow) includes four small tweeters producing the higher frequencies and one upward-facing subwoofer for bass. The most basic system includes a Jongo S340B and the Pure Connect app.

The new Jongo T640B (shown in red) comes with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity pack 100 Watts of stereo sound, and in appearance resembles a large iPod dock. Pure are pitching the device at the front room, with a bracket available to wall mount the unit.

Where a home cinema system or amplifier and speakers are already in place, the Jongo A140B (seen in green) is an adapter which adds music streaming for under £100.

A similar device from Roku, the Soundbridge, offered streaming from internet radio stations, network storage or a SD card, and could be controlled by remote control or via a special website. The tiny A140B doesn’t include a display or remote control, but the smartphone and tablet app is a more appropriate interface given the functionality available.

The Pure Connect app and its ability to play music from an Apple or Android smartphone or tablet, internet radio stations, on-demand programmes and Pure’s subscription music service makes it a compelling choice – especially as an accompaniment to a connected television and simple home cinema system.

The Jongo T640B will retail at £249.99 and the smaller A140B adapter at £99.99.

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