Influence of social media on radio listening

In its look at radio listening in 2013 the BBC World Service programme Over to You has asked whether social media will influence listening to radio.

I think what we’ve seen is a change from a device oriented listening experience to very much one which is connected, whether that’s on your phone or the Internet.
Mark Rock, Audioboo

Asked whether there will be a different landscape in terms of radio consumption in the future, Anne Barnsdale explained that for the World Service radio still delivered the lion’s share of its audience globally. Changes could be seen in 15 to 20 years time, rather than the next few years.

The democratisation of content, which is essentially what social media means, will allow far greater contact [with listeners and programme makers].
Anne Barnsdale, BBC World Service

Listeners to the programme are invited to submit their own Audioboo via its Over to You channel.

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