What’s happened to Smooth Extra on Sky?

What’s happened to Smooth Extra on Sky, it has disappeared?
– Neil

Smooth Extra was previously available on Sky channel 0146. This slot is now occupied by Heart Dance, a radio station launched in 2019 by the owners of Smooth.

Smooth Extra broadcasts the same programmes as Smooth London for most of the day. Between 10am and 7pm the station plays non-stop music in ‘Your Refreshing Music Mix’.

If you have a DAB digital radio you can still listen to Smooth Extra. The station broadcasts in DAB+ and you will need a digital radio which can receive DAB+ stations.

You can still listen to Smooth Extra online at The digital station is also available in the Smooth Radio, Global Player and Radioplayer apps. You can also hear the station on smart speakers. Alexa can be asked to “play Smooth Extra on TuneIn” for example.

You can still listen to Smooth Radio on Sky channel 0128.

Alternatives to Smooth Extra

If you cannot receive Smooth Extra on DAB digital radio it could be because your radio cannot receive DAB+ stations. To hear the non-stop music played in ‘Your Refreshing Music Mix’ during the day you may need to consider upgrading to a new digital radio.

However, if you listen to Smooth Extra before 10am or after 7pm you may be able to listen to a local Smooth Radio station to hear the same programmes and music. In London, the North East, North West, East Midlands and other parts of the UK you should find Smooth Radio on DAB rather than DAB+.


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