How can I upgrade my Pure DAB radio to receive DAB+ stations?

I’m trying to upgrade my Pure One Elite Series 2 which I’ve had for 6 ½ years and I’m not having much luck. I’m not able to receive any DAB stations and the radio just says I need to upgrade, could you please tell me this is still possible on my radio, as I’m really missing my digital radio.
– Lee

Several Pure digital radios can be upgraded to enable reception of DAB+ radio stations. Compatible radios are listed on Pure’s update centre. If your radio is listed you can enter the serial number to access the software for the update. The Pure One Elite Series 2 is listed as a radio for which an update is available.

The update is completed in two steps. First the software on the radio is updated so that the radio is compatible with DAB+ broadcasts. Then the update should be ‘unlocked’ so that reception of DAB+ radio stations is enabled.

Applying the software update

After entering the serial number on the above website you may be prompted to specify the current software version on the radio.

Then you can download and run the software on your PC or Mac. Follow the instructions and when prompted connect the radio to the computer. The One Elite Series 2 will require a USB A to USB Mini-B cable.

Follow all of the instructions in the update utility carefully.

After the update has been applied on the radio you’ll be able to obtain an unlock key.

Return to the website where you downloaded the software update and click Next. If you already closed the window you can repeat the steps to get to the original software download and then click the button. You’ll need to enter your email address and an identification code from your radio.

Finally follow the instructions to go to the unlock option in the menu and enter the code. After the code has been entered you can try performing a rescan and then tuning into Heart 70s or Union JACK to confirm DAB+ reception is working.

The unlock code needs to be entered after updating the software
The unlock code needs to be entered after updating the software

If your radio cannot receive any stations after the update, including DAB stations you could receive previously, you could try re-scanning for radio stations. If just DAB+ stations cannot be received this could be because the unlock process has not been completed. The manual for the radio does not provide many details for the software upgrade process. Finally if this does not work you could contact Pure for further advice.

Is the update available for my radio?

I can’t receive Radio X on my Pure Evoke 1XT. Where do I apply for the free software available to upgrade my radio?
– Alain

The Pure Software Update Centre lists the radios for which updates are available. Unfortunately the Pure Evoke 1XT is not listed and the support pages for the radio don’t contain any downloads.

You could contact Pure to confirm whether the Evoke 1XT can be updated.

Although some Pure radios can be upgraded unfortunately many digital radios cannot be updated. This is often because of the hardware inside the radio.

Finding the serial number

My serial number has worn off the back of my Pure One radio. How can I update this?
– Tracy

The manual for the Pure One doesn’t list a way to display the serial number. We’ve tried on our One Mi Series 2 and can only see the software version and the device identifier. If you still have the box for the radio the serial number may be displayed on the outside.

In this case we would recommend contacting Pure support who may be able to advise further.

Updating without a PC or Mac

I don’t have a PC or a Mac to download the software upgrade to my Pure Evoke radio so how do I upgrade?
– Lorraine

There have been many different Pure Evoke models over the years so it’s worth double checking that your radio can’t receive DAB+ stations. One way to do this would be to tune into DAB station KISSTORY and after verifying that you can hear the station tune to DAB+ station Heart 90s. Alternatively you could try Planet Rock, a DAB station, and if that works try Union JACK, a DAB+ station.

If the radio can’t receive DAB+ stations we would then verify that an update is available by going to the Pure update website at You should be able to enter the serial number using a tablet or smartphone and see if there is a DAB+ update for your radio.

If there is you could try contacting a local TV or electronics repairer and ask if they can perform the software update. An independent or family run business, such as a Euronics store, may be able to help. You could also ask a company that repairs PCs and laptops if they can perform a ‘firmware update’.

Do ask for a quote for performing the update first. If a repairer quotes more than £40 it may be worth considering a new digital radio or waiting to see if someone you know with a PC or laptop could do the update for you.