Why am I unable to re-tune Premier Christian Radio?

A reader asks why they can’t receive a DAB radio station after retuning.

“Can you please advise why I am unable to re-tune Premier Christian Radio after pressing Auto Tune on my Roberts DAB Radio? It keeps coming up Off Air.”

In 2016 some DAB digital radio stations, including Premier Christian Radio, moved to different DAB transmitters. At the time Premier Christian Radio (along with Planet Rock and Absolute 80s) encouraged listeners to re-tune their digital radios.

However, the new transmitters don’t reach as much of the UK population as the original network. Some listeners have found that they can no longer receive their favourite stations which have worked fine for years.

Initially I would check how the Roberts DAB Radio is performing an auto-scan. Many DAB radios have a quick auto-scan option, as well as a full-scan mode which is accessed through a menu. If you enter the menu and look for a full-scan option this should perform a more thorough search – it may also remove missing stations from the list.

If you’re unable to find this option you could contact Roberts to find out how this is achieved.

Then I would use a postcode checker to ensure that you are in the coverage area for Premier Christian Radio. If the coverage checker lists stations like Classic FM and UBC 1, but not Premier or Planet Rock, it could be that you’re no longer able to receive the station on DAB in your area.

If the checker suggests you can receive Premier, you may need to move the radio and try scanning again. We recently answered a question from another listener who receives fewer stations on a new radio and some of the reception tips may be useful.

Premier Christian Radio is also available on Freeview (channel 725), mediumwave in London and Surrey (1305, 1332, 1413 & 1566AM), through iPhone and Android apps – as well as their own website.

Finally, there is a chance that the radio is faulty. If reception of many other stations, including BBC Radio 2 and Classic FM, is not possible then it may not be receiving any DAB stations.

If you are affected by the radio station’s move to different transmitters there is more information on Premier’s website.


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