One radio receives Scala Radio but the other does not

I have two DAB radios in my house. I am able to receive Scala Radio on one of them without any problems. The other DAB radio will not receive Scala Radio no matter what I try. The radios are in the same location so I cannot understand why. The difference between the radios is that one is from 2007 and the other is from 2013. The older radio will not receive Scala Radio. I’m located in North Manchester.
– Paul

It is sometimes the case that two radios in the same place won’t receive the same radio stations.

It’s worth using the rescan function on the digital radio first to see if it finds Scala Radio and other missing stations. Some digital radios have more than one type of scan – ensure the radio is doing a ‘full’ scan.

If Scala Radio is still missing you can try moving the radio to another place and rescanning again. You could try taking the radio upstairs, for example. Make sure the aerial is fully extended in a vertical position. If the aerial is removable check that it’s fitted tightly to the back of the radio.

We recently looked at a Roberts Gemini 12 digital radio from the mid-2000’s which wouldn’t receive Planet Rock. The radio was reset and after a full rescan it still would not find the station or those on the same ensemble, such as Virgin Radio and Scala. The radio was taken to a garden shed and rescanned again – this time it did find the missing stations. After putting the radio back in the kitchen the reception of Planet Rock has been very good.

Recently we also saw a radio which had been used in London and would not store new stations after it was moved. The radio appeared to have stored 100 stations and would not save any more. After using the factory reset function and rescanning it was possible to store the new local stations. You could consider doing a factory reset on your radio – but this may delete presets, alarms and other settings you have saved.

It is sometimes the case that modern radios are more sensitive and do find more stations. Your radio from 2013 may have a more up-to-date DAB chip with better performance.

Scala Radio is broadcast in DAB, rather than the newer DAB+, so this would not be the reason for the difference between the radios.


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