Do I need a new aerial for DAB+ stations?

Will my existing DAB dipole support DAB+? If not can you recommend a DAB+ dipole please?
– Chris

Your existing DAB aerial will receive DAB+ as well as DAB radio stations.

Although DAB+ stations may have launched since your aerial was installed, these new stations are broadcast in the same ensembles as existing DAB stations. This means they are broadcast on frequencies which your aerial can already receive.

Your tuner or DAB radio will need to be compatible with DAB+ stations. Some older radios will not receive DAB+ stations and can’t be updated. If your radio is already connected to the aerial and you don’t receive DAB+ stations this could be because the radio does not recognise the newer DAB+ standard. It’s also possible that there are no DAB+ stations available in your area.

You could enter your postcode into an online digital radio postcode checker and see if any of the stations have the DAB+ logo.

Aerial on a loft pole

DAB aerial on a loft kit pole

If you do need to replace your aerial we have a guide to DAB antennas with more information about choosing and installing an aerial.

Choosing a radio for DAB+ stations

If you do need to choose a new radio for DAB+ stations it’s worth checking that it’s compatible with an external dipole aerial. Early DAB radios from Pure and Roberts sometimes came with a removable telescopic aerials, but this is less common nowadays.

Many small hi-fi systems and DAB separates will have a suitable F-type connector for your DAB aerial. Again, it is worth checking for this before buying.

Radios should also have the green digital radio tick mark. This indicates that the radio can receive DAB, DAB+ and FM stations. Digital radios which don’t receive DAB+ stations are still being sold in many shops and online stores.


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