My Polaroid digital radio has stopped working

I have a Polaroid digitalradio which has stopped working. When I plug it in it gives me the correct time, but only two stations Dlle E Radac (tuning} and @llai @ll Ao (Signal N/A) but never any sound and nothing more. I have tried in various parts of the house – same story. Any advice?
– Denise

If you can access the settings menu on the radio it would be worth trying a factory reset.

This function normally wipes the stored stations, any settings, presets and alarms. The radio will often then restart as if it was brand new and scan for radio stations again.

We couldn’t find much information online for Polaroid digital radios. They are often sold in Asda, but the Polaroid website doesn’t have any manuals. If you still have the manual or a customer support phone number on the radio you could ask for instructions regarding a factory reset.

In our article about re-tuning a DAB digital radio we used a Polaroid radio. If it is the same model you should be able to find the factory reset function by pressing the Setting button and turning the large knob until you see System. The tuning knob can then be pushed in and turned again until you see Factory Reset. Push the tuning knob again and the process will start.

When the radio has finished scanning for stations you should see the correct list again.

Faulty digital radios

If you cannot access the factory reset function, or when it finishes only the same two stations appear, it would indicate a problem with the radio. If it’s within the warranty period you could return the radio.

Unfortunately it’s unlikely to be cost effective for the radio to be repaired, even if this is possible. In this case it would be necessary to look for a new radio.

The Roberts Play 10 could be a suitable replacement for the Polaroid radio. It’s often available for around £35 and comes with a two year guarantee. Another alternative could be a Majority digital radio. These are only found online but come with a three year warranty when the product is registered after purchase. Pure digital radios also have a three year warranty.

Always check that the radio has the green digital radio tick mark too. This shows that the radio is future ready with FM, DAB and DAB+ reception.


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