Is a Hyundai Tucson suitable for a DAB+ radio?

I own a 2017 Hyundai Tucson car. Is the radio suitable for DAB plus?
– Nick

The current generation of Hyundai Tucson was launched in 2015, which should make your 2017 model a third generation car.

An online brochure for the Tucson from October 2017 shows that DAB digital radio is standard across the Tucson range. Your car should receive DAB radio stations in addition to FM stations.

The 2017 pricelist for the car simply states “Stereo RDS DAB Digital Radio with MP3 Compatibility”, and does not specify DAB+. However, it is likely that a car launched in 2015 would receive DAB+ stations.

You can check whether your car receives DAB+ stations by tuning in to Heart 70s or Union JACK. These DAB+ stations are available across most of the UK. If the station appears in the list and can be heard, the car is suitable for reception of DAB+ stations.

For extra verification you could check that you can receive a station from the same transmitters which broadcasts in the original DAB format. If the radio can receive KISSTORY but not Heart 70s, or Planet Rock but not Union JACK, then the radio likely does not receive DAB+ stations.

Options for adding DAB+ reception to a Hyundai Tucson

The easiest way to add DAB+ reception to any model of Hyundai Tucson is with a DAB adapter, such as the Pure Highway 600. Adapters like this are easy to install and can also add Bluetooth and hands-free calling to a car.

Alternatively the factory radio can be replaced. Fascias and wiring harnesses are available for the Tucson to allow a single or double-DIN radio to be installed in first generation models. A double-DIN radio can be installed in second and third generation models.

However, the car received a facelift in 2019 and it’s not clear if the new system with a colour screen and buttons on each side can be replaced. The Hyundai website doesn’t mention DAB+ for the 2019 model, but all trim levels come with a “Radio – Digital DAB” stereo.


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