How do I find Planet Rock on my Agptek mp3 player?

Many MP3 players can receive analogue FM radio stations. However, we’re not aware of any MP3 players which can receive DAB digital radio stations, including Agptek models.

As Planet Rock is a DAB digital radio station it’s not possible to receive it with the FM radio in your MP3 player.

If you have received Planet Rock before on an FM radio or MP3 player this could have been between 2013 and 2015. The rock music station was available during these years in the West Midlands on 105.2 FM. Absolute Radio is currently available on this frequency.

DAB on the move

For personal listening on the move there are still some options. Personal and pocket DAB digital radios allow you to listen with headphones. Models from Pure and Roberts are available with various features. The Roberts SportsDAB 5 is available for around £59.99. You may wish to look at a model with a rechargeable battery if you frequently listen outside, such as the Pure Move R3.

Unfortunately we’re not aware of any personal DAB radios with the ability to play MP3s.

A smartphone could be another option, using 3G/4G mobile data to stream Planet Rock and other radio stations instead of DAB or FM. Smartphones are able to play MP3s too.

The Planet Rock smartphone app for Android and iOS devices is free and allows you to listen live to the station over Wi-Fi or mobile 3G or 4G data. The app also has on demand access to programmes from the last seven days.

In addition there’s a night mode and a car mode. Reminders can be set for favourite shows and you can keep up-to-date with the station’s social media.

More options with MP3s

If you prefer to listen to MP3s rather than use mobile data for streaming you could look for downloads from Planet Rock. Many music radio stations have podcasts, but these tend to contain interviews and speech rather than normal rock music programmes. Once downloaded as an MP3 from a website or through iTunes you could copy the file to your device.


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