The signal for Classic FM goes off-air and I have to retune

In the last two weeks the signal for Classic FM on DAB digital radio keeps going off air and does not return unless I retune.
– Fred

Classical music station Classic FM has been available on DAB digital radio for nearly twenty years. Unfortunately there are some parts of the country that can still not receive Classic FM on DAB, as well as stations like Absolute Radio, LBC, Magic and UCB. It appears that coverage for Classic FM on DAB may be poor in your location.

You can see a full list of the stations which should be available on DAB digital radio in your area with the Digital Radio UK postcode checker.

Unfortunately we are not aware of any plans to introduce new transmitters for these digital stations at present.

Improving reception of DAB stations

There are some steps you can take to improve reception of digital stations. Ensure that the antenna is fully extended and in a vertical position. Try moving the radio around the room and see if the signal improves. Even small adjustments from one end of a table to another can make a difference.

Some DAB digital radios have a removable antenna. If you can see screws around the antenna or a screw-on plug you might be able to remove the telescopic aerial and install an external aerial. Aerials installed outdoors or in a loft can make reception more reliable and increase the number of stations you can receive. If you’re not sure if your radio can be used with an external aerial it should be mentioned in the user manual or you could contact the manufacturer.

If this issue has only started to occur recently it is possible the radio has developed a fault.

You could try tuning into another station which is broadcast alongside Classic FM on DAB – such as Magic, Capital Xtra or LBC. If one of these stations can be received with a good signal but soon goes ‘off air’ there could be a problem with the radio.

It might be worth borrowing another DAB digital radio to see if the same issue occurs.

If your DAB digital radio has the digital tick mark, or you know it has an FM mode, you could use this for reception of Classic FM. The classical station is available from 99.9 to 101.9 MHz on FM.


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