Why does my car radio search for stations all the time?

I have a 2016 Vauxhall Corsa and when the radio is in DAB mode it stays on ‘searching’ all of the time.
– Bob

Owners of the Vauxhall/Opel Corsa E have reported online that this process can take a long time. Many aftermarket DAB digital radios will complete a scan in under a minute, but some Corsa owners have reported it can take five minutes. It would be worth waiting for several minutes – just in case the process is fairly slow.

It’s also worth using the postcode checker to see which stations are available in your area. There are still some parts of the UK without sufficient coverage and it could be that there are no stations for the infotainment system to find. If you have access to another car with DAB, or a portable DAB radio, you should be able to verify how many stations are available.

There are two settings we would check, under Config, then Radio settings, then DAB settings:

  • Auto linking DAB-FM: This feature switches to the FM version of a station when the DAB version is unavailable. You could try switching this off incase the radio is trying to switch to FM.
  • Band selection: The Corsa radio can use Band L, Band III or Both. There are no radio stations on Band L in the UK. It would be worth checking that Band III or Both are the selected options here, as no stations would be found on Band L.

If you have any accessories plugged in to 12V sockets you could remove these, including any 12V adapters. Car owners have reported online that satellite navigation devices, dashcams, phone chargers and 12V USB adapters have caused interference.

Another option could be to use the factory reset feature. This is detailed in the owners manual for the radio/infotainment system and clears all presets, Bluetooth connections, volume settings, etc.

There could be a problem with the radio, antenna or another part of the infotainment system. A common complaint related to car radios is that water makes its way into the car aerial, negatively affecting how well the aerial performs. If the car is within a warranty period you could ask a Vauxhall dealer whether this is something they can investigate and what the cost would be, if any. Alternatively you could visit a car audio specialist for further advice.


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