Can my Roberts RD-20 Gemini DAB radio be modified for DAB+?

Can my Roberts RD-20 Gemini DAB radio be modified to accept DAB+?
– Fred

You mentioned that you miss listening to Gold. The digital radio station recently launched across the UK, but has switched from the original DAB to the new DAB+ format.

Some DAB digital radios can be upgraded to receive DAB+ stations, but many digital radios will only be able to receive the original type of DAB stations.

We asked Roberts about the RD-20 Gemini. They say that unfortunately this model cannot be updated to receive DAB+ stations. This is because the required tuning technology was not being used when this model was in production.

This is a shame, as the RD-20 has stereo speakers, a large display, bass and treble controls and preset buttons. We are aware of other Gemini models which are still in daily use today.

Unfortunately it will be necessary to buy a new digital radio to continue listening to Gold.

Choosing a replacement for the Roberts RD-20 Gemini

It is important to check whether any new radio can receive DAB+ stations. Even with many stations now using the newer version of DAB, many shops are still selling brand new models which can’t receive DAB+. Always check that the radio carries the digital radio tick mark. This shows that the radio can receive FM, DAB and DAB+ stations.

The closest radio in the current Roberts range to your existing radio is the Blutune 5 (£80 to £100). This has a similarly clear screen, separate knobs for the volume and tuning and preset buttons. Although there are no dedicated bass and treble controls, these settings can still be changed through the menu.

Another stereo DAB radio with separate volume and tuning controls is the John Lewis Spectrum Duo II for around £50. The screen looks fairly large, but the text will be smaller than is shown on your current radio.

If you would consider a mono DAB radio there are many good options from Sony, Pure, Roberts, John Lewis and Panasonic – starting from around £35. You could also consider an official refurbished or outlet example to save money whilst still getting a 12 month warranty.


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