Are there any budget radios which receive DAB+ stations?

It’s often possible to buy a DAB digital radio for under £20 on the high street. Unfortunately many of these models don’t receive DAB+, which means you could be missing out on radio stations like Heart dance, Gold and Jazz FM.

Radio with the Digital Radio Tick Mark

Radio with the Digital Radio Tick Mark

When looking for any digital radio it’s worth checking for the digital radio tick mark. This logo means that the radio receives DAB, DAB+ and FM stations, so it’s ready for the future.

There’s a few things you can do to find a great, affordable radio which receives DAB+ stations. Look at brands like John Lewis, Blaupunkt and Majority, whose DAB+ radios tend to be more affordable.

Shop around and look out for sales and end-of-line items. Sainsbury’s has had good deals on brand-name DAB radios in recent years.

Consider refurbished items. Roberts has an outlet store on their website and refurbished Pure radios are often available on ebay. Look for an indication that the radio has been refurbished by the brand itself or an approved partner, and not someone simply selling a used radio.

Affordable ‘digital tick’ approved radios

We’ve rounded up some affordable DAB/DAB+ digital radios with the digital tick mark.

Goodmans Canvas

The Goodmans Canvas comes in copper or steel colours.

£29.99 – Buy from Goodmans or Buy on Amazon *

John Lewis & Partners Spectrum Solo

The Spectrum Solo has a large, clear screen and comes in four colours. It comes with a power adapter but can also be used with batteries.

Approx. £40 – Buy from John Lewis & Partners *

Majority Abbey Clock Radio

The Majority Abbey receives FM, DAB and DAB+ radio stations. It also has Bluetooth built-in for wireless streaming from a phone or tablet. Two USB ports on the side of the radio can be used for charging devices like smartphones.

Approx. £29.95 – Buy on Amazon *

Blaupunkt DAB Radios – Various Models

It appears that Blaupunkt DAB radios are not available to buy online, but many Blaupunkt radios have attained the digital radio tick mark. Check the box in person to ensure the particular radio is approved.

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