Radioplayer Car to bring voice-controlled upgrade to vehicles

A new in-car device which brings digital, internet and FM radio to cars has been launched.

Radioplayer Car is a small box which upgrades existing car radios and is controlled with a smartphone. A free app is used to switch between stations, get traffic updates and take calls using voice controls.

The hybrid radio technology automatically switches between DAB, FM and internet radio. If the DAB signal is too weak the system will try the broadcast FM signal. If this is unavailable the system will switch to online streaming. This type of switching could be useful when driving where a favourite local radio station is not available, or when DAB coverage is not available but 4G is.

Motorists can get up-to-date travel news with the traffic button, which can also be activated with a voice command. The device will provide an update with relevant information for the current location.

Music, podcasts and audiobooks can also be played through the system. Incoming calls can be taken automatically, adding a handsfree kit to the car as well as digital and internet radio.

The accompanying smartphone app works with iOS 10 and above and Android 4.4 and above. As new features become available the app can be updated for free.

Radioplayer Car has been developed by the people behind the industry-supported Radioplayer app for smartphones and tablets.

“With Radioplayer Car you get the best of both worlds – a powerful multiplatform radio with hundreds of free-to-air channels, that’s safe and simple to operate,” said Michael Hill, Managing Director of Radioplayer.

“It shows what’s possible when the radio industry works together, and we look forward to sharing what we’ve learned with manufacturers, so that all radios can improve.”

The device can be purchased online for £245 which includes professional mobile fitting. An initial telephone consultation will determine the correct wiring. An engineer will also install a windscreen mounted DAB/FM antenna.