BBC iPlayer Radio gets more personal

A new feature on the BBC iPlayer Radio website and app means listeners can personalise their experience and follow favourite radio programmes.

Once logged in with a BBC account My Radio keeps track of the programmes users listen to. It then helps listeners keep up with those programmes and recommends similar shows.

Some existing features have become part of My Radio, such as the Listen List which was only available on the website. Now called Listen Later and added to the BBC iPlayer radio app users can bookmark clips and programmes to come back to.

BBC iPlayer Radio App
BBC iPlayer Radio app shows Listen Later items

The Following screen shows the latest programme from shows which listeners have chosen to follow by clicking a plus icon.

Responding to feedback from users of the website and app the following and listen later lists can be ordered alphabetically, by when items were added or by how new the items are.

The recommendations are unique to each user based on information about the programmes, their genre and what other programmes listeners also chose.

“On the iPlayer Radio website we’re introducing personalised radio recommendations for the first time,” explained Daniel Bean, Senior Product Manager, Radio Product Group.

“When you’re signed in to your BBC account we can keep track of the programmes you listen to unless you ask to opt out. Information about those programmes, such as their genre or what other programmes were listened to most often by people who listened to your programmes, is then used to work out what other programmes you might like.”

Users can choose to opt-out of the personalisation facility.