New radio station for Baby Boomers expands across UK

A new radio station aimed at Baby Boomers has expanded its coverage to the whole of the UK.

In a letter posted on social media the station said it had been “blown away by the enthusiasm you’ve shown for our radio station squarely aimed at baby boomers”. It goes on to say that the response has been so strong that the station has brought forward its plans to grow.

The station’s schedule features well-known personalities from the 60s, 70s and 80s including Graham Dene, Nicky Horne, Roger Day, Jenny Hanley and David Hamilton. A range of artists from Little Richard and The Beatles to Sheila B Devotion and George Michael are played on the station. Some contemporary songs are also played.

Speaking at the time of the launch last month presenter and co-founder David Lloyd said:

“There is guaranteed to be at least one presenter whom each listener will relate to, with the line-up featuring names of Boomers of all ages from both commercial and BBC radio from across the UK.

“We’re also calling for feedback from Boomers everywhere – if you’ve got any ideas for music, presenters or shows, then do let us know.”

Boom Radio launched initially on DAB in some parts of the UK, online and on smart speakers.

The digital station is now available on the Sound Digital multiplex as ‘Boom Radio UK’. A digital radio compatible with DAB+ will be required to tune into the station. It may be necessary to retune to find the new station on a digital radio.