Absolute Radio launches on new Apple TV

Absolute Radio is set to become “the first UK radio station to launch on Apple TV”.

The new app features a lean interface and displays artist images for the ‘now playing’ track. Listeners can also see who’s on air, whats coming up and the music which has been played. It’s also possible to switch between seven different decade stations with the Apple TV remote.

‘Real Music Matters’

A new marketing campaign has also been launched to promote Absolute Radio’s music credentials. The station will be promoted across magazines including Q, Mojo and Empire with plans being drawn up for live events next year.

The station spoke to artists including Chris Martin, Roger Waters and Kelly Jones:

A spokesperson for Absolute Radio said: “Real Music Matters sums up the ethos of Absolute Radio – a brand dedicated to music that offers escapism from the throwaway and manufactured, focussing on tracks which stand the test of time. The campaign has been inspired by many of the artists who we’ve spoken to and their passion for real music.”